Name :      Laney 
Lives in :   Perth, Western Australia
  1. Delicious food - both the creating of & the eating (my all time weakness is ice cream) 
  2. The thrill of getting a bargain. Oh yeah!
  3. Smiling (from the satisfaction of getting a good bargain?!)
  4. Old photos! Especially in print/film form.
  5. Rain! Yeah not the normal thing a photographer would say (especially one who works with natural light!) but LOVE it!

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a little more about laney...

I've always loved watching life happen.  

Just staying still and watching as the world whirled by on its way.  I would watch things happen and think, if only I could keep that memory forever somewhere, somehow.  ​

That's when I discovered film cameras.

Manual focus, a 50mm prime lens, developing black & white film in a dark room at school. Photos of places, photos of food. Photos of little details, photos of people. 


Wistful. Whimsical. Wishful. Wonderful.

I once asked a few friends who were familiar with my style to describe it.  They were all words that started with "w" - all I could think was... Weird! 

Watching as it gives life to a memory.

Moments make you stop and remember. Pictures say so much, each one making a different personal connection with each viewer. Images evoke an emotion deep within us.


Drop me a line if you want to grab a cup of tea, discuss photos or chat about life in general. More photos are available on the blog, under services and on my Facebook Page.


Music can be purchased by clicking on the song title.  Proudly supporting local artists.

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