{Paris, France | European Adventures | October 2013}

Just reminiscing the last couple of months when I was lucky enough to spend almost 7 weeks in Europe - a wonderful time of year to travel with less tourists around, fantastic weather and well... it's Europe! One of my favourite memories was going to the summit of the Eiffel Tower on a Friday night. There was a buzz as people queued to purchase tickets (we were lucky enough to have pre-purchased them so missed out on queueing!) and await their boarding time when they would be ushered into one of the lifts.

It was a particularly clear night and we could see for miles around - which I'm told is rather good luck! The photog in me embraced the moment to snap that perfect shot- only to find that after 3 shots, the two batteries that had been fully charged this morning were fully discharged even though I barely remember using it! It was a moment for me to choose my reaction. Should I mar this experience with disappointment or should I choose to embrace the wonder of taking it all in with my very own eyes, savouring the moment and storing that precious memory away?

I am thankful that I managed to salvage the image above. It sits in my living room in canvas form, reminding me that while you can't control what happens around you, you can choose how you'll let it affect you.


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